Canada Day History TidBit #3- From UFO's To Santa Clause Is One Of Us!


Greeting From Earth! We have a welcome sign, and a launch pad, in Canada for our fellow UFO friends (if and when) they come to visit.


Our next point in history is the 1960's, and it's time to think outside the box, outside our planet, and look 'to infinity and beyond' into the galaxy. 


St. Paul, Alberta got really creative and decided to build an official UFO landing welcome site as part of the Canadian centennial celebration in 1967. It is all about the Canadian details too, from the Canadian provinces in stone, to the flags, and the Anon welcome sign (see image below), we will be set for when our friends come and visit us...since they will obviously be coming to Canada to first!


The UFO landing pad and Tourism Centre for aliens, which contains photographs of alleged landing sites and crop circles, was built during the 1960's Space Race. This clever launching pad is now a tourist attraction, which also contains a time capsule that will be opened on the 100th year anniversary of it's opening. However don't be fooled by the look of the pad, as it weighs over 130 tonnes, so Canadians were thinking ahead for our future friends. 


Welcome friends! Wherever you are from and wherever you are, we are ready and will always welcome you to Canada! 


Santa Clause Is Coming To Town!


Canadians will always be on Santa's nice list, as Mrs. Claus and Santa Clause were officially proclaimed 'Canadian citizens' by Home Affairs. Now it makes sense why Santa Clause is so nice, it's because he is Canadian! Are you wondering where all the letters to Santa from around the world go? Well they ALL come to Canada, where the North Pole is located, thanks to the government! 


Another fun fact of they day: Santa's letter responses are in more than 30 languages, so it's no wonder why he is so busy! 



Information taken from: theplanetd.com and atlasobscura.com



Atlas Obscura: https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/world-s-first-ufo-landing-pad
Anon Image

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