Canada Day History Tidbit #4- 1970's Puts Toronto On The Map

Whether you love the city or you hate it, there is something to be said about the architectural wonder of Canada's  constructed, free-standing, iconic, engineering, construction wonder of the CN Tower in Toronto, Ontario. 


The CN Tower,  is a major tourist attraction, with millions of people coming to visit this world wonder to climb the tower, take photos, eat at the revolving restaurant, amongst other things to do here. However the tower was engineered and built out of necessity to actually improve the reception in Toronto, due to the 1960's construction boom,. Since the 1960s had a construction expansion, which caused the boom in skyscrapers, higher buildings that were not seen before.  This created a major communication problems for existing transmission towers, as the signals were not high enough to broadcast over the new existing buildings. 


So the CN Tower was created out of the communication need, however became known for its beautiful and sleek architecture, it's height and for it's engineering marvel, we still celebrate today. The construction started back in February 6th, 1973 and this ambitious project took 1,537 workers, and 40 months to complete. When the 44th final piece of the antenna was bolted into place, the CN Tower was finally finished being built on April 2nd, 1975. As mentioned the CN Tower wasn't originally built for public consumption, however it become open to the public June 26th, 1976.


A (not-so-fun) fact: The workers who built the free-standing structure we all marvel at today worked 24 hours a day for 5 days straight for 40 months...talk about not taking a break.


Some fun facts about the The CN Tower: In 1995 it was declared and classified as on of the 'Seven Wonders of the Modern World' by the American Society of Civil Engineers. In 1974 the CN Tower's concrete shaft was the tallest structure in Toronto aNd later in Canada! For over 34 years the CN Tower held the title as the 'Worlds Tallest Free Standing Structure'. 


Celebrated for the it's architectural, engineering, and construction wonder, the CN Tower still gives tourists and visitors a world class experience, thanks to the expansion and revitalizing of the tower. The CN Tower will leave you with awe, just by looking at the free-standing structure each time. 


Facts taken from 'La Tour CN Tower website'

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