Canada Day Tidbit #7: A Streetcar Named Desire…And A Horse Named Manitoulin

Manitoulin Island is a special place if you love the outdoors. You are surrounded by nature and water: there are hiking trails, waterfalls, and tonnes of wildlife.


We want to share something special for our last Canada Day Tidbit, and what better way to bring it home then by sharing the story of Manitoulin, not the island, but the racing horse named Manitoulin. Manitoulin, a colt, is what you would call a 'miracle baby' as it had a risky caesarian section, where there is only a 50/50 chance of survival.


However Manitoulin was a fighter and beat the odds. The horse is owned by thoroughbred breeders, The Phillips family, of Darby Farms, took the Grade 2 stakes Hollywood Turf Cup back in November, 2017. The race was in Del Mar, California and was a 1/2 a mile long.' 


The reason the horse is named after Manitoulin Island? Well Mr. Phillips said he is so drawn to the area due to the dynamic quality of the environment; with the changing water levels and seasons. You can read more about Maintoulin's story here: A Horse Named Manitoulin 


In the words of Mr. Phillips, from the Sudbury Local News, "We are the product of our nurturing, no doubt, both in terms of your incredible land and our love of horses." 


Facts taken from Sudbury Local News/The Manitoulin Expositor 

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