Our Blog · 11. July 2018
Our menu is always changing, which is why it's called 'Our Ever-Changing Menu'. We do however have the staples: a sandwich of the day, a soup of the day, and salads for you to enjoy. Our soup and sandwich change almost daily, so our Special Live Lunch Combo is a great way to get a taste of each dish no matter which day you come in!
Our Blog · 08. July 2018
Showcasing how fresh and green our produce is and why we care so much about the food we put on your plates.
Our Blog · 04. July 2018
Welcome to our Sneak-Peak Of The Week! A short and sweet foodie lover dream where we showcase what fresh dinner, lunch or dessert item we are serving.
Our Blog · 01. July 2018
We are proud of where we come from, so it's no surprise the Phillips Family, who owns Darby Dan Farms, named their racing horse after the largest fresh water island...Manitoulin. Photo Credit: Sudbury Local News
Our Blog · 29. June 2018
Everyone loves receiving gifts, including Canada. The world's largest totem pole was raised in Victoria in 1994, and was a gift from First Nation artists from B.C. in recognition of the 15th Commonwealth Games. The totem pole named 'The Spirit Of Lekwammen' use to stand at 180ft 3inches tall (54.94 meters) before it was partially dismantled for safety reasons. This beautiful piece of art was carved out of a 500+ year old tree and still stands today. Photo Credit: Waymarking.com
Our Blog · 28. June 2018
We are already in the psychedelic 80's, where tie dye was cool and The Beetles were at their highest! Who would have thought to check when the Loonie was created or why? Well this coined term has a little history. Photo Credit: Canadian Press File Photo via CBC
Our Blog · 27. June 2018
Who doesn't know the CN Tower in Toronto? Back when it was finished being constructed on April 2nd, 1975, it was the world's tallest free-standing structure. Becoming one of Canada's most well known icons, also giving Canadians a sense of pride and still being a main tourist attraction till this day, The CN Tower is notably Toronto's most famous iconic and architectural wonder.
Our Blog · 26. June 2018
Being Canadian is great! We are known for being overly friendly, so it only makes sense we would welcome everyone from earth to those in other galaxies. Talking about being nice, Canadians will always be on the nice list with Santa Clause because he is Canadian. Picture taken from www.roadtrippers.com
Our Blog · 25. June 2018
As stereotypical Canadians we are not new to how harsh and cold our winters can be and the frigid cold water temperatures of our lakes. A Polar Bear Swim: roughly 60 seconds of piercing cold water hitting your skin before jumping out and warming up in a sauna or around a fire. Now imagine being 16 years old and swimming across Lake Ontario. Marilyn Bell made history by being the first person to ever swim across Lake Ontario on Sept. 8th, 1954 Photo from 'Canada's Sports Hall Of Fame'
Our Blog · 23. June 2018
We are counting down to Canada's Birthday, so it's only Canadian if we shared some history. From now until July 1st we will be going through the decades to share some funny and interesting 'Canada Day History TidBits' just for fun. We are starting with the foundation, the roots in which this establishment was first built before it has come to be 'The Live Edge'. CANADA DAY HISTORY TIDBIT #1: The first recorded guests were in June 1947.